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Windows Live Messenger WAP access

Guest Nick Le Lievre

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Guest Nick Le Lievre

I just found out that you can get Windows Live Messenger WAP access @ http://mobile.live.com/pocketpc (go to it on your Tytn II) its in beta at the moment but it works great. Once you've signed in you can add it to your favourites and everytime you call up that favourite it automatically signs you into messenger (without having to enter login info everytime!).

The only time you have to reenter your login info is if you choose sign out (but logging on with another computer will do this anyway) so as long as you never choose to sign out on the Tytn II calling up the "logged in" bookmarked page in your favourites automatically signs you in (even if you signed in on another computer).

Whats more you stay signed in untill you sign in again from another computer. This means that you could for example sign in on the Tytn II PocketIE in the morning and even after you've closed IE down and disconnected any messages sent to you will be there the next time you call up your messenger favourite in PocketIE (as you've never actually been signed out).

I`d seen the messenger beta link before on my old Nokia 7260 but as it wasn't a PocketPC phone it never worked properly. The good thing for me is becuase its WAP access I can log into messenger for free (as I get free WAP access from my provider). So now I can get my email using Googlemails JAVA application over WAP and log into messenger over WAP for FREE!

If you log into messenger using the built in messenger client you need full Internet access (not just WAP) same with using Pocket Outlook.

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