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C500 Screen unclipped from circuit board

Guest roscoe141

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Guest roscoe141

I've have an SPV C500 since 2004 and love the phone. It's a bit chanked now but I've been persisting with it because I'm skint. The breen answer call button has been broken (stuck in) for years, again I've persisted until..

I went to the gym, had the phone in my back pocket and managed to crush the number 1 button which is now also stuck in. Thinking the phone had just crashed, I whipped out the battery only to find that when I rebooted the numbers 111111 were automatically being pressed when the insert lock was promted, therefore I couldn't get my phone working at all.

I decided to dismantle the phone using the guide to unstick the button which I found on the forums - http://www.digimission.com/?page_id=25

But....in dismantling I have managed to disconnect the screen ribbon thing from the circuit board. I've tried and tried and tried but I'm struggling...Does anyone know a good way of getting it reconnected properly?

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