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Custom HTC home plug-ins

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Apologies if this is a dumb question, but is it possible to create you own plug-ins? I've no idea how they work so I don't know if its possible or not!

In the same way the Weather plug-in updates from Accuweather I would like one that gets travel updates from the Transport For London website to tell me if there were any tube delays so I could quickly see if there were any as I was going out the door in the morning.

I'm sure other people would want other plug-ins like updating the football scores, or share prices if you were so inclined or any number of things. I have absolutely zero knowledge of how to create such a thing but was hoping someone out there might if it was possible?!


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Over to Paul... a new plug in which takes RSS feeds from TFL ?

Just been on the TFL site renewing my travelcard and was looking at the live travel updates page - bizarrely it seems not to have an RSS feed. I've got so used to the fact that the vast majority of websites I visit/use on a daily basis have them that I can't believe it doesn't. So I suppose that knocks the idea of a plug-in on the head??

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