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V1615 Problems

Guest Crumb uk

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Guest Crumb uk

Hi received my V1615 the other day and was initially chuffed to bits, the phone looks great, most of the functions you could ever need but my delight was sort lived.

I have loads of issues with the device and have called Vodafone to ask if they had any ROM updates, the man on the end of the phone tells me that the phone comes with WM5 and that no updates were available for the unit!! I said it cam with WM6 and he told me mine must have slipped through somehow.

The problems I have are mainly

  • Unusable camera
    • Phone Lockup

      • Wifi Poor and will not work with any Netgear wifi points

      [*]Can not turn on TouchFlo (can’t find how!)

      Are these common issues with the Kaiser or should I be looking to get the unit replaced? I don’t mind holding on for a updated ROM

      My current Rom version is

      Any suggestions would be great

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