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Screensaver issue-resolved

Guest Beermaker

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Guest Beermaker


Have a teeny issue with the ATT Tilt Screensaver. Have the screensaver option checked in the pics and vids options-have pics on the phone, have a problem-after 2 minutes-it tries to start,then immediately goes back to the home screen, just like if you move a mouse on a regular pc. Immediately! Thought maybe it was my data connection,so I turned everything off-still the same issue. ATT tech support had no further info and told me to contact HTC, any help?????


d'oh-figured it out today-did a hard reset without letting it do the ATT customizations and BINGO-screensaver works fine! ;)


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Guest burrzoo
Nice one AT&T ;)


Typical...for them! I've been with their wireless service since the Pacbell days and Sadly not much has changed in the level of customer service provided....Using the service for 10 years because the coverage suits my needs but God forbid you have a technical question!

*Sorry about the rant*

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