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TyTN II - Big problem with incoming calls


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I have a big and very annoying problem with my 3 days new TyTN II.

The problem first occured after the installation of the TomTom app. After installing and downloading and installing the included map everything works fine. But then I connect the TyTN II to the PC and the TomTom Home application. The app was searching for updates for the installed TomTom Navigator. It brings up the message that a update is available, it was the "phone database - connect2internet" update. And now that's the strange and very annoying part: After installing the update, the phone doesn't play ANY kind of ringtone on an incoming call and the ringtones are very low.

Neither removing the TomTom app nor doing a soft reset solved the problem. After a masterreset everything was fine again. I installed then all apps (except TomTom) again and did a backup with Sprite Backup. After this I installed the TomTom Navigator again with the update... same problem! No ringtones on incoming calls. I did then a restore and all was ok again. So far so good.

But this evening I tested it and no ringtone was played. That's so annoying. mad.gif A phone shouldn't really have such problems. It seems that the problem is not TomTom dependent. I have these apps installed:

-TomTom Navigator

-Sprite Software Sprite Backup

-PocketCM Keyboard

-Pocket eSword

-Microsoft SQLE 2.0

-Mobipocket.com Reader

-PocketCM Contacts 0.15

-Saman SMSDeliveryReceiptFix

-MohairSofa Calendar+ Today Plugin

I hope that you can help me, I really don't know what I should do anymore. frown.gif

Thank you very much in advance

Best regards


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Nobody can help me?

I have to admit that this is a strange one . Mine works fine and it has updated on TomTom as well . have you tried leaving off all the software you have installed and justrun TomTom and see if that works .

If not then its defo TomTom and their technical support department may be able to help you.

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