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my new htc tytn 2 freezing

Guest sno

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hi my tytn 2 is freezing if i leave it in the middle of a program & it goes into sleep mode but will only wake after doing a reset could any one help please , reseting my pda all the time is no good

many thanx


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What have you installed on it and what program are you leaving running?

I've only installed live search & it seems to be if i leave it open & on it goes to sleep then completely locks up & needs a prod in the bottom with the stick to reset

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When you say it won't wake, how are you trying to wake it?

yeah it seems as if it was something to do with windows live , as for trying to wake it i was using the side power button. anyway peeps thanks for the support


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Guest Nick Le Lievre

I had the Standby of Death SOD this is when the phone fails to come out of standby with a power button press. This issue only affects some people on some networks. I'm not sure if its a network problem or a software problem but as only a minority of people have it, I suspect its mainly a network problem there is a software solution.

The solution is to change the phone settings band option from auto 3G/2G to either 3G Only (WCDMA + UTMS 2100 in Europe) or 2G Only (GSM + AUTO) depending on your requirements.

Also read this thread new SIM solves problem where the resolution was to get a new SIM.

Obviously this only solves the problem when the crash is because of the sim and/or settings which impact the sim. To rule out a software cause its best to start with a hard reset.

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