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how to setup windows live with gps

Guest sno

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easy people it's good to know there are dedicated people out there prepared to help .

anyway the topic is self explanatory how to setup windows live with gps ,

also there are lots of gps programs that seem to be about & getting reviewed on here hows about someone putting them head to head to see which holds it down out of the pack .

many thanx in advance


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OK, go here and get the beta, it's only for the UK and USA right now, Voice Activation seems to only be currently enabled in the US. I think right off that it's a KILLER APP, better than Google Maps.


Once loaded on the Kaiser, go to Menu>Settings>Select GPS Com4, Check Enable Cache to storage card (assuming you have one) and I chose the largest cache size 128mb

That's about it. If you select Map>Menu>Center on GPS the Kaiser will fire up the GPS and try to get a fix. Once it gets a fix the prog will download the map for your area with an arrow in the center, at your location. If you press the D-Pad the map will pan, if you press the center button, the map will draw a zoom box, smaller with each press. When you stop, the map will zoom in. If you are moving the map will auto pan, keeping you centered. If you tap menu>View> You can select Road or Arial, if you select arial, you will see the map displayed as a really cool labeled hibrid arial view map.

Now if you want to find something, eg. "Indian Food", you just type it in and the prog will download a list of shops nearest you, put them on the map, give directions, sms them to friends, draw a route on the map, very nice. If in the US, you can just speak the request (even with a BT headset if you use BT audio toggle) and it will work as well.

That's just a taste, it's got so much to play with. I use iGuidance v4 for mapping but this is an excellent addition to really be able to see just where things are located. It's free and a must try app. As with any network app, it needs a data connection and is grabbing data all the time if you are driving and mapping. The only thing I wish it had is a "Heading Up" toggle as the maps are always North Up which is great for mapping, not so good for driving.

Also, I've found that while typing this, running it on battery, if it goes to sleep, it seems to lock up and need a soft reset every time. I hadn't noticed this before when driving (with power supply) and occasional handheld use where I closed it when done. But hey, it's Beta, a very polished Beta ;)

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