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Touch Dual qwerty - is it a myth?

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As you will probably know a number of websites have got the Touch Dual on pre-order now (Expansys etc). All the websites I can find are only advertising the phone pad version of the device, not the qwerty version. I called up Expansys and they said that there was actually only one version of the device, and its not qwerty.

I'm starting to wonder if the qwerty version actually exists or whether it's just a myth. I'd vastly prefer a qwerty keyboard as I have T9.

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Hmmm. I expect better from an established company like expansys. The guy on the phone said they had been 'playing around with one in the office' and it was a phone pad version.

You would think they would know more about the products they are selling.

So has anyone definitively seen the suretype/qwerty version on pre-sale anywhere?

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