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The Speaker Situation

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Hi there,

While using my Kaiser, I noticed that everytime when I used the speaker, the person in the other side could barely hear me, even though I could perfectly hear them. I searched a little and found some dated topics at xda-developers.

What has been said so far is that speaker in Kaiser works like a half-duplex, so that if you're in a conversation, only one can talk at a time. Some think that this is a software limitation. There are some reports of people that complained at HTC Tech Support (Europe or USA), and they said that HTC Taiwan hadn't answered them.

Some say that disabling Microphone AGC helps a little, but what I found is that if the person I'm talking to is at a loud place, they can't hear what I say (like there's to much noise there and the phone thinks that he/she's talking to me), so I dunno how that would help this.

It's an important feature in a phone, and it's inacceptable that a modern expensive phone like this responds that bad to it. I really need this feature as most of the time I'm in my car, and here where I live, there are laws against the use of headsets while driving.

In my opinion, this and the fact that Tytn II doesn't have hardware acceleration are the two major issues on this phone.

So, anyone know anything about this?


ps.: link to the xda-developers topic: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=337463

Links to other forums are allowed here right? If not I apologize and take it out, I'm kinda new here.

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