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My Tytn II is almost perfect

Guest snowgum

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Guest snowgum

only a few minor glitches remaining.

Email notification - when in standby the device picks up emails, but however I set the notifications it won't light up the screen when a new email comes in. sound notification works fine though.

I can't get rid of the orange battery icon at the top of the screen! all other orangeness now gone.

When I turn of the comm manager using the x in the corner, it doesn't appear in the list of running programs on clicking the htc pull down menu top right, but it is still there when I go to memory/runnning programs. This also happens with some other programs.

Lastly, since installing Dutty's 10 button comm manager, the device doesn't switch off automatically as per the battery timer settiings.

So there it is, a brilliant device with some very minor glitches.


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