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Tricks & tweaks for Touch Dual / Nike

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Hi folks,

as there is no topic for tweaks i'll start one:

Customizing Animation and Icons of the Cube

Right to the beginning a complicated thing. The animation of the cube is prerendered an stored frame by frame in the windows folder. Also they have a proprietary format and need to be converted first. You'll have to go to the \windows\ folder and copy all *.brn files to your computer.

The files of the animation have the following naming scheme

[Style][Cube Page][Animation number].brn

pretty easy, huh? Ok let's do an example:

In my Nike all icons are Blue, so it takes the Blue Style, the files are related to the first cube page (A) and its the first frame of the cube launching animation (01) --> BlueA01.brn.

The starting frames have a two digits number starting with 0.

BlueA0.brn is the last frame of an animation to the first page. BlueA1.brn is the first frame of the animation away from the cube page A to cube page B.

I hope it's getting clear, but if you converted all files you actually see how it works.

To convert the files to bmp you need a converter tool which can be found here:


now you can draw what you like using a graphic programm of your choice ... mine is paint.net. afterwards you convert them back to .brn and copy them to a (non-windows) folder on your device. you need to move the files to windows folder using resco explorer since they are protected.

and thats it for the animation... for the icons it's quite similar ... the naming scheme is depending on the cube page you are modifying.

For the Application Launcher it's the following:

BlueAL_01.brn stands for the first application, BlueAL_01_HL.brn is shown, when this menu item is highlighted. If you want an other grid you have to edit BlueAL_Bkgd.brn.

The launcher with the 3 Buttons is called Media Hub Mini

icons are the following:

BlueMH_01.brn and BlueMH_01_HL.brn are the icons names, since i don't you Media Hub anymore, i don't know for what BlueMH_2_01.brn are used ... please help me.

The Quickdialer is always grey, so it just uses the Icons

QD_Bkgd.brn and QD_2_Bkgd.brn.

I hope you know, what to do and give us decent cubes. When mine is finished, I'll post it here

later to come:

how to customize the order and type of the cube pages, how to customize the application launcher and swap a page to application launcherm, how to invoke s2su with long press of the red key and some i can't imagine right now :(

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