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Comprehensive list of Juno hacks

Guest D.Noob

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While I am not a phone hacker myself I have definitely reaped the rewards of your efforts. To give somehting back Ive made a list of the hacks I've found here to help others get the relevant info easily and prevent the inevitable flood of question spam that will distract the technically adept from their efforts.

Mods feel free to use this as the basis for a sticky and edit to improve.

This thread is a beginning of a compilation of HTC-JUNO (Called the T-Mobile Shadow in USA) hacks that improve the user experience and allow you to get the most out of your device. Right now it is composed of MoDaCo contributors but I hope to expand it to include HowardForums info as well. Its intended for the novice user so I have not included buggy hacks like overclocking or works in progress like advanced menu configurating. These will be added as they become stable and well understood.

If these are helpful to you please take some time to thank the contributors whose efforts you benefit from.

Useful Programs:

1) Registry Editor for Windows Mobile Phones (basic tool needed for most hacking):


2) Appunlock (Unlocks security features installed by T-Mobil, needed for some advanced hacking):

2.1) Available through MoDaCo forums here (registration required):


3.) Paul's Must-have Juno Software:

3.1) A collection of 9 useful apps including a RSS updater, an app that replaces MSN search with google and an app that enables new document creation in Mobile Office


4) Shadow Shortcut Key Rebuild (lets you assign any app to the Shortcut key


5) NeoOrder by Paul (MVP): this app lets you change the order in which icons appear on the neo menu.


Things to do:

-Change the internet homepage: Edit HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AboutURLs\home_0409

For more info see: http://www.modaco.com/content/HTC-Juno-Jun...-the-homepage-/

-Add a custom menu in place of T-Zones:


This is just a note, focused on the web/links on the left. (the default options are 4 fold: MS portable IE, T-zones ringers, T-zones background, My


The registry entries for these are in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\CHome\CLinks.

* the Iconpaths key includes the path to the active image (highlighted, 1st), the inactive image (unhighlighted, 3rd, and something else).

* the Pages key includes which pages, and in what order, the pages are displayed.

in each page subkey, e.g. Page5 or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\CHome\CLinks\Page5

* ACTIONURL is what happens when you press enter, in the following format: "program; [website]". ex. ":MSPIE; google.com" = MS portable IE,

opening google.com

* the GUID is the same across all the Page keys- just copy and paste

* PICTURES is the image link- i used .png s and dropped them in the \windows\ directory. theoretically, you could change the repository and/or

size, I haven't tried. nor have I tried other formats.

* SK2TEXT is the right soft button text (e.g. "gmail")

* SK2URL is the right softbutton action, following the ACTIONURL format: e.g. ":MSPIE;gmail.com" to open gmail.

* TEXT1 is the bold, main text (I'm pretty sure, double check it) (ex. "Google")

* TEXT2 is something else, don't ask me, i don't know

* TITLETEXT is the small text above the big- format "text [a/b]", where text is the value of TITLETEXT, and a is the index of the Page, b is the

number of total Pages ."Internet [3/4]" or "Mail [2/4]".

That all I know, though if anyone has a working faded of the MS IE icon to use instead of the faded T-Mob hotspot one, I would love it.



For more info see: http://www.modaco.com/content-page/261778/...s-menu/page/20/

-Replace the T-Zones menu icon. Useful with the previous hack:


-Change the NEO interface colors: See kwoodall's excellent tutorial on the topic.


And then followthe example set by MetalSlugs blue neo theme which includes a .cab installer:


You can also download themes directly from Microsoft using the bookmark included in IE with your T-Mobile phone. I use EarthView for colors with Metalslugs custom elements hack.

-Remove or add the myFaves menu on the NEO homescreen


As more good hacks become available I will try to keep this list updated. Last update 11/29/07


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wow my link actually made it on here!!!!

i need to write the tutorial real quick but i still have yet to hear from him about his bill.

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