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Kaiser LCD Replacement

Guest pazookie

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Guest pazookie

I (im in California, USA) recently bought an AT&T Tilt for $350 (got a great deal!) and only got a few good hours on it until dropping it (luckily i put on a protective clip on case from day one) but not lucky enough to keep my LCD from getting a nice hairline crack about a half an inch from the top toward the middle (so much for that great deal!). So heres my options...

1. Replace the LCD (best i found was an lcd for about 130 including shipping from the UK)

2. Deal with the nice 0.5in x 2in area of messed up picture from the cracked LCD and use it like it is.

3. Sell it AS IS

4. Somehow convince ATT or HTC to replace it for me and little or no cost LOL

Any suggestions on this? Anyone know cheap repair services or cheap parts or need an 8925 with a broken LCD (throw me an offer ).




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