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O2 Balance Failed When Using *#10#

Guest JamJarPot

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Guest JamJarPot


I purchased my new phone a little while ago now, its an unlocked phone but was orignally on orange, I'm using a pay as you go o2 sim card in it. I found all setting for this and everything works, mms, email, IE, and GPS.

The only thing im having slight trouble with is the balance of the phone, when I send a txt or use the phone to ring some one the balance is displayed in a little message box at the top, when I ring the number 4444 I can hear the balance but the most useful feature is being able to type *#10* and view the balance. at the top in the msgbox. Anyone with a o2 will know what im talking about. When I type this number in all I get is failed and not the balance. Now I wrote to o2 about this and they said that it was basically because I had an unlocked phone and it wouldn't pick this number up. I already kind of knew this, but they provided no tech. settings, files to change etc to change this. Is there any one who knows how to get round this problem and the steps that I should take.



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