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Blue angel madness

Guest Ron gaster

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Guest Ron gaster

Blue angel madness

I think I have Blue angel madness I have purchased 3

Of them off eBay in the last 10 days.

I had one about 2 years ago with the job I had and loved it to bits

So when my daughter asked me what I wanted for xmas I said a Blue angel

Paid 99 pounds for a brand new one fell in love with it again.

The wife was really impressed with it so decided to get her one, she liked the tomtom

And the sync with outlook, so paid 57 pounds for one in good condition already got a gps

Receiver, from my old one, so not bad 57 pounds for a sat nav plus a lot more.

Then I spotted one with a scratched screen for 39 pounds and guess what I got that as well

So I have decided to give up my full time job and become a blue angle buyer I have worked

Out I will need 1029 to fill my main living room wall so can some one come up with a ROM

That will let me control 1029 blue angles independently.

As it’s my first post I can assure you I have read the wicki and there is nothing about controlling

1029 blue angles independently.

Ron :(

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