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Guest johanv58

Hi all! I've got a HTC Himalaya (Telefonica Movistar TSM500) which I bought second hand. When I bought it half a year ago, it worked fine. Windows Mobile 2003 was installed at the time.

After I used it as a navigation tool last summer on my bike(with a headset, not hte original one) I got problems with it:

Sound and mic work perfectly until I call somebody, I've got an extra HTC wired headset, the speakers work during a call, but the mic doesn't.

I've just updated the phone from wm3 to wm5(trying to solve the problem), but I had the problem before I updated, and i'n still having it. So I think it's not windows related.

Does somebody have a solution for this problem? Thanks in advance!

PS: (i've tried contacting HTC but I get no reaction on my emails)

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