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Stowaway keyboard (iGO) experience

Guest pbarclay

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Guest pbarclay

I have used a Stowaway keyboard for many years with my Loox 720. Having just got the Touch Dual, I have tried to install the v4.52 keyboard driver onto the device.

However, despite having what should be an up to date Bluetooth stack, I got the following message:

Bluetooth system not detected

Current version of the keyboard driver supports the following Bluetooth stacks

Drakar (Socket) 6.x.x

After you install or upgrade a stack, tap "Enable" on the Config page.

I have looked on the iGo.com webpage which has the following information under the Stowaway ultraslim keyboard:

Download drivers automatically from your smartphone/PDA - no PC needed.

So, I uninstalled the Stowaway stuff, reset and then just connected the keyboard using the Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Add New Devices. It found the keyboard quickly, needed a passcode and has just started working as an input device.

However, it is a little strange: the keyboard does not appear as a dropdown option, as it does on the Loox. It just starts sending characters across when I start typing. The caps lock works fine: once pressed, the next character becomes capitalised and then the abc at the top of the screen becomes ABC. However, the Numlock has no effect despite Fn plus top row producing numbers. Similarly, the OK button is ineffective.

One thing which does work better than the Loox is the use of the right arrow key to highlight a suggestion, which is then accepted by hitting the space bar - very useful.

Crucially, using the keyboard keeps the backlight on - something that didn't occur with the earlier versions of the Stowaway keyboard drivers.

I still get looks of amazement when I use my iGo keyboard with my Loox 720. I think jaws will drop when I start using it with my Touch Dual!

The iGo keyboard is now such wonderful value that it really is a must-have purchase for anyone that wishes to take notes in lectures/conferences without taking in a cumbersome laptop that will run out of batteries and could easily be stolen at coffee breaks. Expansys now have them down to a ridiculous £29.95 - pretty amazing for a device that always tops the keyboard reviews and used to be £70+. http://www.expansys.com/igo/p_igo_item.asp...Y#MyGearSection.

I think I might need to buy a second battery for long conferences but at £10-20 that is hardly an expensive option.

Any one else using the iGo?

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Guest Paul (MVP)

The reason for the differences is because you're now using the standard MS HID driver rather than a stowaway one I would guess.

It is a decent bargain at that price!


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