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Setup 3rd party GPS on MDA CompactII

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Guest Wayne877

Hi there, After losing my original tomtom GPS locater some weeks ago, my wife very kindly bought a Qstarz BT Q880 to replace it for Christmas!

I've tried to set it up on my ppc but won't and some of the forums are a bit confusing!

Some have said use comport 4 or 5 and some say use comport 8! Neither are present on my phone when I try to setup.

After pairing the phone to the GPS device I believe that I set it to use the serial port and a secure connection. I also have to tell it to use a comport.

This is the confusing part as I only have comports 6 and 7 to choose from.

In tt5 when I try to configure the GPS device I am not given 6 or 7 as one of the choices

Has anybody had this problem before and can they help us.


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