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Improving quality of voice dialling with Cyberon Voice Speed Dial

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I've been always using built-in Cyberon Voice Speed Dial solution without any problems - starting with HTC Wizard and then HTC Hermes. But once I've got Kaiser, it works absolutely terrible. Voice recognition accuracy is extremely low, I actually need to speak very slowly and loud in order to get a slight chance to dial a number or launch application properly. Initially I though it was the problem with poor BT headset sound quality, but recently I found out voice dialling also works rubbish even when I say commands straight to the microphone, NOT using BT headset!

I was wondering if there is any chance to apply some reg tweaks to make it work as it used to in my previous HTC phones. I found \HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Speech registry key, but I'm not sure what could be changed there. I also tried to find newer version of Cyberon VSD app, but seems like I already have the latest installed (v1.2 build 070717). I'd be greatly appreciated for any hint on that matter, as this problem drives me nuts each time I try pointlessly voice dial a number while driving a car. :(

Btw, I know there are apps like MS Voice Commander out there, but as I have a lot of Polish-specific names in my Contacts, it won't probably help me at all.

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