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Kaiser Failed Twice in 4 weeks Usage HTC USA Worst Custumer Support Ever -Ideas Please?-

Guest JMOLINA1368

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Guest JMOLINA1368

Hi to everyone,

I want to share with all, my worst ever experience with a device (htc kaiser) and the horrid Customer Service provided by HTC Americas.

First, this is my 5 or 6 HTC device and 4th in one year time (all devices before this one has work flawless).

I bought the HTC Kaiser on Mobileplanet and was delivered to my on Sep. 26 2007.

After just 3 weeks of usage the screen lost its input (touch) sensitivity, so I call HTC Americas Repair Service Dept. to inquire about a solution.

They toll me I had to send on my expense the device to be evaluated and if the problem was cover by warranty, it would be repair without further cost to me. Anyhow, even that the phone has only 3 weeks of usage, I had to provide a credit card or they would not give a Return Authorization Number (how is that).

The phone was repair under warranty and return to me with a new screen but without a new screen protector (when the phone was send, It has the oem screen protector).

After 2 weeks of usage, the phone module of the device stop working, it would not pickup the signal from the carrier, it not even try to search for a network.

Of course I try all the posible software solutions: shut off the phone, soft reset, hard reset, etc. Nothing will make the phone to pickup any cellular signal.

This time, I call the number for HTC Custumer Service in the USA. It turns out that this number actually is for a Software Technical Support but they would not provide any customer support beside software technical advice, so my call was transfer to the HTC Repair Center.

I explain to the HTC Representative that this was the 2 time in 4 weeks, that the phone stop working and since that I would like to get a replacement phone.

I was told that HTC would not in any case, offer a replacement phone and as before, I had to send the phone again and provide my credit card again if I wanted the phone to be repair, even that is under warranty.

So in short, I had spend $800 for a phone that only worked 4 weeks, that the manufacture refuse to replace and if I want it repair, even that is under warranty, I have to pay for the shipping cost and provide a credit card to cover for repairs, even that the phone still under warranty.

Can anyone give ideas on how to proceed to get HTC to replace the phone and provide a better customer support.

Regards and happy new year to all.


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Wish you are in London :( Just one complaint to them they collected my device,is now under repair and they promise to return it to me taking care of all the cost including shipping,repairs and the works(all under warranty)

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Guest ScrewlooseAZ

When I sent mine in for repair the problem was covered under their warrenty terms and they did not charge me to ship it back after they fixed it.

Although I did have to pay to ship it to them, and for the extra insurance in case the mail ate it.

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