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Touch Dual & Bluetooth

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Guest pcbinternet

Hi, just upgraded my phone to a Touch Dual, really nice piece of kit, however unlike other windows mobile phones i have had, i am having a problem making 2 simultaneous connections via bluetooth. I have a headset paired up and a gps receiver both paired up with no problem, but if i am my headset is turned on before the sat nav is the TomTom software comes back with no GPS device, turn off the headset and it connects on immediately to the GPS receiver. If i turn on the sat nav 1st lock on to the GPS then turn on the my headset it all works ok until a call comes through on my headset then Tom Tom says no gps device until the call is furnished and once again Tom Tom starts working ok. Has anybody any ideas if there is a workaround for this please or is it something i am doing.

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