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Xda Stellar: receiving MMS pics downsized to 160x120

Guest LadFromWales

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Guest LadFromWales85

Hi all,

Been out of the PPC game for a while, but recently got a Stellar on upgrade :(

I was able to receive MMS fine at first, but after changing the rom, am now having problems. If I send an MMS to another phone, they receive it fine. But, if I send an MMS to myself, or receive one from someone else, the images are always resized to 160x120 or smaller.

I recall that this used to happen on the IIi and IIs and Exec, when hitting reset before the phone applied the cabs in Ext_rom, but can't remember what I used to do to get around the problem.

Anyone have any ideas? If I load the o2 ROM back on and reset to add the cabs I want the same will happen, so I've no clue whats applied that sorts this out :D


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