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Midlet Manager woes (Vario III)

Guest jonnybump

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Guest jonnybump

Hi all,

Does anyone know what version of the Midlet Manager comes as standard with the Vario III?

Basically, I downloaded Opera Mini 4 today and found it fantastic; the only annoyance being that every time i clicked a link it came up with a warning asking for permission to access the internet.

I found out then, that this problem can be overcome by downloading version 1023 of the Intent Midlet Manager app...so I did that...then reinstalled Opera. Then, when I tried opening it, Midlet Manager reported it had a failure opening the app.

So, I uninstalled it and tried reinstalling a few different versions - all of them displaying the same error.

I have downloaded version 1036 and now that says it cant install as it does not have relevant permissions.

So now I'm stuck without the Midlet Manager and can't use Opera :(

Any ideas?



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Guest jonlad

My Vario III has

MIDlet Manager

intent R Java MIDlet Manager

Copyright 2003-2007 - Tao Group Ltd

Runtime JTWI 1.0:v11.1.7.1036 (Build 20070320)

I also run Opera mini but don't use it with this JAVA program I use ;

Esmertec Jbed Build ID: 20070524.2.1

It asks to ok the connection when first launched but that's it, once OK'd no more prompts until relaunched.

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