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Fonts and WM6/TyTN II

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Trying to result a font problem, I need some help!

Try to see this page http://www.sslug.dk/www_admin/font.shtml in your normal laptop/desktop internet browser.

Then load the same page on your PDA.

You might notice that some of the special fonts show correct on your PC, but on your PDA, they show as Courier or some other default font (in lieu of ... limited fonts in WM6?). I am OK with that, BUT whatever font is the default font in my Danish TyTN II is OK in WM6/IE, but NOT in powerpoint. Also, using Fring, I cannot read most of the text or menus.

There are so many clever guys here (hehe), can someone tell me where to see which font is default? Since I have not heard others using Fring having a font problem, I assume it is the Danish ROM and associated font that causes the problem ...


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I just found part of the solution - installing fonts is easy as h...

In case someone else has the same problem, just connect PDA via activesync, go to c:\windows\fonts - find the fonts you want and copy to your PDA windows\fonts directory - then soft reset.

Note: "Font" might have a different name if your device is not with an english version of WM6 ...

BUT, it still does not solve my default font problem - and what font does Fring use? I need to know the font, or I will have to copy all 500 font files from my laptop onto the PDA - overkill!

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If you can take a screen-grab of the font you want to find the name of on the Kaiser, try uploading it to http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/ - they have a pretty amazing font recognition system there.


That sounds pretty ingenious.

However, for the fonts that are missing, there are only garbled signs and blanks (not even hollow squares). So there is not anything to be reckognized in this case. But with the fonts I have thrown over in windows\fonts on the PDA, both Fring and Powerpoint work at the moment - that is, I haven't gotten to a font yet that shows wrong, and fring runs. Not like a charm, but it runs. Cool to have different chat apps in one program. But why does it jump from one chat to another in the middle of me writing a comment? Quite irritating ...

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