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MWC 2008: Shift is available NOW (apparently)

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)
This just in from HTC. Who's getting in the queue for this one then? :)


HTC Shift Becomes First Mobile Computer to Deliver Multiple Days of Push Email - Available In Europe Today

The HTC Shift integrates Microsoft’s new Origami Experience 2.0, finger-friendly Web browsing, push email and wireless broadband to deliver the go anywhere mobile computer

BARCELONA — Feb. 11, 2008 — Today at the 2008 GSMA Mobile World Congress, HTC Corp. (TAIEX: 2498; “HTC”), the world’s leading provider of Microsoft Windows Mobile® devices, announced the first availability of the HTC Shift. HTC Shift combines the power of Windows Vista and Microsoft’s new Origami Experience 2.0 with always-connected 3G/HSDPA connectivity that features true push email with up to 3 days of battery life.

Microsoft Origami Experience 2.0 enables improved access and consumption of content through the addition of a new finger-friendly browser, RSS Reader and media player. It also includes Origami Now which gives users one-touch access to the information that’s important to them, including e-mail, calendar, weather and to-do lists on one screen that changes according to the time, the day and even their current location.

“Bringing the new version of Origami Experience together with the HTC Shift provides an improved and more natural mobile computer experience. I think that users will really enjoy the updated Web experience that utilizes finger touch navigation,” said Peter Chou, president and CEO, HTC Corp. “The HTC Shift has led to a new experience for customers wanting an always-on and always connected mobile computer packed with the features and functionalities they expect from a notebook.

“The HTC Shift is the first mobile computer to combine the power of Windows Vista and Origami Experience 2.0 in a sleek design that integrates 3G connectivity and a sliding keyboard,” said Bill Mitchell, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Windows PC|3 Division. “Microsoft is pleased to be working with HTC and we look forward to continuing our strong legacy of innovative smartphones and now mobile computers.”

The HTC Shift provides all the power, functionality and connectivity the busy professional needs in a sleek design that is half the size and a fraction of the weight of standard notebooks. The HTC Shift is the first device to feature HTC's innovative new SnapVUE™ technology. SnapVUE provides instant access to emails, calendar, SMS messages and contacts, without the need to fully boot up the device helping conserve power and extend battery life. Weighing just 800g and equipped with a 7" touch sensitive 'slide-n-tilt' screen, the HTC Shift is similar in size to a couple of DVD cases and comes with the Windows Vista Business edition and a 40-gigabyte hard drive. Packed with advanced connectivity, the HTC Shift features high-speed global connectivity through with Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA and, Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE as well as Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi. Also a multimedia powerhouse, the HTC Shift utilizes Windows Media Player 11 to provide easy access to music, videos and photos.

The HTC Shift is available for the first time today through Telefonica in Spain, Orange in the UK and will soon be available through TIM in Italy and in specialized retailers across Europe for EUR1199.
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Guest xorangefirex

As it has been since its been announced, (over a year ago), looks great, but it just isnt affordable. You can purchase a full laptop that is only slightly larger (ie toshiba librito) for significantly less. Only pitfall is that the librito won't have the constant internet connection.

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Guest thelondonthing

I looked very carefully at this device a couple of months back, as I needed a small laptop/UMPC device. In the end, the Shift really failed to tick anywhere near enough boxes for me in the end.

I could get a laptop with a larger and better screen, significantly larger HDD (up to 400% larger in fact!), a larger and more useable keyboard with touchpad, an optical drive and - crucially - far better battery life, for hundreds of pounds less than this device costs.

In the end, I went for a HP Tablet, which only set me back £650, has a three year warranty, 12in screen, DVD-RW with Lightscribe and all the other bells and whistles - and it won't leave me running for a power-point after two hours.

How HTC think they can justify putting this thing on the market with that spec list for that price point is a genuine mystery to me, especially considering the truly terrible battery life that has been well documented among numerous reviews for this product.

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