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Exchange ActiveSync Attempts Sync Every Minute

Guest mbressman

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Guest mbressman

I'm experiencing a serious Exchange ActiveSync problem. Sometime in the past day or two, my Exchange ActiveSync (I currently sync to a hosted Exchange account with 1&1) starting synchronizing every minute, regardless of whether there was any changes or anything new to sync. It does this no matter whether I tell it to sync as new items arrive, manually, or on some schedule. I have definitely customized my device (3rd party programs, etc.), but the only things I changed over the past day or two was:

- added an IMAP account and set it to check for new mail every 30 mins (it seems this is the only way to enable IMAP IDLE - i.e. it downloads new mail as soon as it comes in) (this is my work email account, so the IMAP server is from my work but because our firewall doesn't allow connections for SMTP, I'm using yahoo's smtp server that I pay for to send outgoing email)

- changed the DNS servers for Sprint Power Vision since one of them was down and therefore Pocket IE requests and other network-related requests that required DNS were taking a long time to complete (see http://pdaphonehome.com/forums/htc-touch-t...s-locating.html)

However, I wasn't paying that close of attention so I'm not sure if the issue started when I made either of the above changes or not. I've since tried removing the IMAP account and it didn't help. Then I completely removed the Exchange ActiveSync profile, sync'ed up to another Exchange server so I could remove all my data (so that when I rejoined Exchange ActiveSync with 1&1 again there wouldn't be duplicates), set-up the IMAP account, and then set up Exchange ActiveSync on 1&1 again and let it download all my data (by the way, this took a loooong time and numerous syncs). However, when I was all done, it was once again attempting to synchronize every minute. I also tried changing the DNS entries back to "use server-assigned addresses" but this had no effect either. I'm at a loss for why its doing this, unless 1&1 has screwed something up somehow. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, as I can't let it stay like this since the continuous sync'ing will kill my battery within a few hours. Thanks.

- Marc

P.S. I'm using a Sprint Treo 700wx running WM5 with the newest 1.15 update from Palm. 1&1 is running Exchange 2003 SP2 as far as I know.

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