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No Service!

Guest Elfeh

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Yesterday my Orange UK Dual started behaving oddly.

It shows no service with the antenna icon with an exclamation on the toolbar, however when you touch the toolbar to get the bigger dialogue box with bigger thumb sized icons it will show the signal strength. The signal strenght varies depending on where I am & is consistant with what it normally would be for that given location.

Sometimes I have a data connection available & sometimes I don't.

The odd thing is when I switch the phone off via air plane mode then back on, if I power down the whole dual & if I reset the handset it will come back on as normal. Offering a service at the signal strength the thumb sized dialogue box showed. Then within a couple of minutes it will drop out again to no service.

Is this an Orange / sim card thing?

I've tried calling Orange but haven't got through yet!



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I got through to Orange & I was told that they are suffering Network problems at the moment.

The advice they had to told to give out was to remove you battery for 5mins & reseat the simcard. However its a network problem...

However due to the lack of replies I have to assume I'm the only person suffering!

Its happened in central, south east & west London... Go figure!

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