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WinMo Week 6.5: MWC round up part 2 is now live!

Guest Monolithix

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Guest Monolithix

Paul (MVP) and I are proud to announce the release of part two of WinMo Week Six!

Sharing our views, activities and the news in this weeks Windows Mobile world.

In this ~45 minute show, we talk about...

  • MWg Atom Life
  • New Eten devices at MWC
  • New Toshiba devices at MWC
  • MSN Direct
  • Opera 9.5

    (If you haven't listened to Part 1 yet check it out here!)

    Once you've caught up you can grab this episode with the following internet magicness, available in standard MP3 format or as an enhanced M4A format with chapters, images and links for use on an iPod or in iTunes:

    • Direct download from the downloads section of the site
    • Via iTunes (search for MoDaCo!)
    • Via RSS with enclosures - simply add http://feeds.feedburner.com/MoDaCoPodcast to the reader of your choice
    • Your feedback is really valuable and will tell us whether it is worth our while to continue running the podcasts! Do you listen? What do you like? What do you not like? Should we do them weekly or bi-weekly? Please leave your feedback in below, or on the phone in number (which you can also use for questions for the podcast).

      The Phone in number again is: +44 1379 888 101

      Enjoy! :(

      Link for enclosure purposes: http://donald.modaco.com/podcast/sixpart2.mp3

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Guest Menneisyys

I've listened to it; great work! Just go on, I want to listen to this stuff further! Your being English is also of great help: we in Europe, in general, learn the English pronunciation and, therefore, it's far easier for us to understand British podcasts than American ones. (Unless we, of course, learn American pronuncioation in the first place.)

* it's funny they Access (NetFront) folks are still sitcking with the non-proportional default font setting after all those years, in all my NetFront-related articles, of my telling them to enable proportional fontos by default on NetFronts, running on non-Japanese devices (it's only on the Kanji / Hiragana / Katagana etc.-based languages that the non-proportional default fonts are making sense)

* funny the E-ten haven't let you take photos of their V900. When I visited their stand (at 1PM on Thursday), they were already gone. Too bad...

Speaking of the V900, I really hope they DO put the latest S3C6410 (instead of the already-outdated S3C6400) in there. Yes, I know even the S3C6400 is great compared to the heavily outdated and, in general, crappy S3C 2442 (still) used in all their (even the latest!) devices, but still - the S3C6410 would result in additional speed increase, power consumption decrease, 3D hardware acceleration, additional multimedia hardware acceleration etc. I've published a full article on these questions at http://www.modaco.com/content/Pocket-PC-Ge...ation-Qualcomm/ if anyone is interested.

As far as the Toshi G910 is concerned, in addition to the unevenness of the screen (which will be a major stumbling block when, as you've pointed out, Average Joe compares it to, say, the Nokia E90), my biggest grief with the device is that the screen can't be rotated, unlike with the Universal or the Sharp Zaurus. This is why I was far from being enthusiastic in my review of the new model.

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Guest Menneisyys
You can rotate at all? Even in display settings? The G910's form factor would make it a great ebook reader if you can rotate...

I meant hardware rotation, not just software rotation (the latter is supported). Now, the G910 only has two states: either entirely closed or entirely opened (at about 130-140 degrees). This means you can't physically rotate (only open / close) the screen and can only use it in clamshell mode, unlike in the HTC Universal / all VGA clamshell Sharp Zaurii (RIP!).

This was prolly my biggest disappointment, in addition to the somewhat outdated specs and the low (disproportional - again, compared to, say, the E90 or even the Xperia X1, which filled in the, on the G910, unused screen estate with buttons and the D-pad) screen estate.

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