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Guest cuba3377

IVE MADE USB GAMEPADS WORK ON OUR PHONE!!!!! now you can play your nintendo, super nintendo, genesis and playstation emulators on your T.V. and have a matching remote to boot.

You will need the following:

Registry Editor

Hidgamep.dll file (included)

4 in1 cable (and usb gamepad ) any with 1 joypad will work.

1. you will need to unzip the hidgamep.dll file into your windows directory on your phone.

2. open your registry editor, and find the directory [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\HID\LoadClients\Default\Default

3. add the value "1_5". ( dont put the "")

4. open the value 1_5 and add the value "gamepad" ( dont put the "")

5. now add the key "hidgamep.dll" ( dont put the "") (this step makes windows use the driver)

6. save your work remove the usb device and reboot your phone.

7. now if you did this right, when you plug in your usb game pad it should give you a message. now all you have to do is set the buttons on your emulator and your off to gaming like a pro!!!!

Questions? Email me at [email protected]


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