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Samsung BlackJack (WM 6) only sync as Guest

Guest fahiemoto

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Guest fahiemoto

I am real pleased with my Samsung i-600 (blackjack)

I am als realy happy with my Vista Bussines (64 bit) system

but.. They are not happy with eachother. My BJ connects with WMDC but doesn sync or setup a relation.

I already tried the following

- reinstall WMCD

- reinstall WMCD Update

- deinstall Norton security

- deinstall Samsung software (after connecting mobile it installs itself)

- soft reset (baterij out for 20 sec)

- Hard reset

- standard Windows Firewall disabled

- with CMD /ipconfig there apears to be an ip adres

- IP renew get the same ip adres

- Tried multiple usb connection on my system itself (no usb hub or anything like that)

- de services that WMDC uses are all there and are running. The following services are all active:

  • COM+ Event System
  • DCOM Server Process Launcher
  • DHCP Client
  • Windows Mobile 2003-baased device connectivity
  • Windows Mobile based device connectivity
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  • UPnP Device Host


- het valt mij op dat mijn Black Jack zich aanmeldt als gast (dat kan gewoon niet goed zijn)

- It appears that My BJ is connecting to my system as a guest

- I tried to hard reset BJ again but no such luck

- I read on the internet that a previous realtion must be deleted but i cant find any our there isnt one

- in het sync centrum zie ik wel bij relaties staan; Gast, SGH-i600 en verwisselbare schijf.

ik weet niet hoe ik deze kan verwijderen.

- In the sync center i do see some realtions called: Gast, SGH-i600 en removable disk.

-- if i click on guest WMDC opens but i cannot settup a realtion our sync (see picture). It says that there is a problem withe te connection and that i should try to do this again.

-- if i click on SGH-i600 there appears a button called "instellen" in English that should be something like "setup" our "settings" by pushing this button window mediaplayer opens

I have no idea on how to fix this problem, has anyone else got an idea?



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