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spv c550, turn off menu popup sound and delete sounds?

Guest xtacbyme

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Guest xtacbyme

i have a spv c550, and when i put it into vibrate and do text messaging everything is quiet EXCEPT for when i choose menu delete, and when i choose new, and also after i choose those i also get a pop sound that seems like it may be a confirmation sound to let me know that those commands ahev been done, i have regedit, but not sure where to go to turn those off, or what they need to be set to. could someone help me please, these sounds are very annoying especially if i am in a meeting. i would like to be able to reply if i need to SILENTLY.

Thank you . I hope to hear back asap.

Have a Great Day.

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Guest awarner (MVP)

Have you checked that the profile you are using has been set up correctly?

In Settings/Profile highlight the profile you want to edit then select Menu/Edit, then make sure you have everything set to off or vibrate. Once you have done that then when selecting the said profile all should be silent or vibrate.

PS yopu posted this in the wrong section, should be in the Hurricane section :D

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Guest xtacybyme


I just posted this elsewhere few weeks back and no reply. i found this post. For some reason my email notifications arent getting to me. but i will save this page to check back for replies, since you were so kind to reply back to me.

i did this today.

i FINALLY figured out how to turn off the menu pop sound. i went to reg edit hkey current user, control panel, sounds menu popup, and delete the sound value, and now when i press the menu button it is silent

ONLY thing i need to figure out BECAUSE i dont know what these reg keys are, is after making a selection in the menu, a few seconds later there is a pop sound. So im not sure where that would be or what it would be called.

It's like a selection sound within a menu, or it is a confirmation that the action chosen within a menu has worked.

Example when i hit menu. NO sound now, But when i hit delete text message, it will delete the text message and then i hear a pop or click .wav sound.

Anyone know what that might be called in the registry so i can remove it please? that is the only sound i need to get rid of.

ALSO AWARNER I just check my profile setting its all in vibrate and no sound

i noticed AGAIN when i goto start settings profiles highlight silent then choose menu edit, the phone vibrates, then a few seconds later i here a click sound\or pop sound.. So its everytime after choosing a menu command that it makes this vibrate then click sound.

thanks so much for the reply i hope we can figure thi sout, my fellow employes are getting quite perterbd with this sound when in meetings.

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