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Astraware and Carbonated Games bring Mozaki and Hexic to Windows Mobile

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)

News just in from Astraware, letting us know about the imminent release of 2 games from the MSN Games stable... Mozaki and Hexic... which many of you will know from Xbox Live Arcade on 360.

Both games will be available to buy (for both PPC and SP) from the Astraware website on 27th March, each priced at just $9.95! What with the strength of the pound and all, that's about a fiver. Woo!

Astraware have been kind enough to provide me with a preview copy of both games, but i'm, er, somewhat addicted to Hexic... so can't comment on Mozaki yet :(

It's great to see Microsoft franchising out their valuable gaming assets to Windows Mobile like this, and I hope more follow! I'd also love to see XBox-Live-alike online play too... and maybe that XBox Live Anywhere client we were promised? :D One step at a time eh...


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