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T-Mobile W&W not working and don't get any e-mails coming through...

Guest D8LOM

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Guest Mr Alom

Hi All,

Last night I was playing with my Kaiser trying the Internet sharing to my PC (as I don't have an internet access on my PC due to the home wireless router mulfuntioning). This morning I realised I can't access W&W and haven't recieved any e-mails all day, I've contacted t-mobile customer service but they were useless (customer representative didn't have a clue). I come into a local internet cafe and logged onto the T-mobile website to dowloand internet configuration but unfortunately still no luck.

Maybe I have to congfigure something on my Kaiser??? Can some please instruct/advise me to a setting to gain back all my internet access.

Moderators - please feel free to move this thread as I wasn't sure where to put this request.

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Guest Jamesie M

This happened to me last week and I think I accidentally changed the advance settings in the T-mobile internet settings to use a proxy server. When I disconnected from this it went back to wnw working and getting internet/emails etc.

Not sure how it happened as it's not somewhere I normally go into but even updating internet settings from the t-mobile site didn't work. Hopefully your problem is as easy?

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