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WM 6.1 - Kaiser - Video Player - TLR ROM

Guest WearTheFoxHat

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Guest WearTheFoxHat

Hi All,

I've just upgraded to the TLR ROM on my Kaiser, and its fab. However looking at XDA Devs it appears that WM 6.1 generally doesn't play ball with TCPMP 0.72.

I used to have both TCPMP 0.72 and Nero Mobile installed, however neither seem to want to play ball. Nero would work ok steaming from my media center, and TCPMP would work fine for everything else. I particularly used to use YouTube on Pocket IE, and it would launch within TCPMP.

I understand that the commercial version of TCPMP "The Core Player" has YouTube functionality, but from what I read, it seems that it has its own browser built in. Id much prefer to use an existing browser, and the media player would be invoked.

Can anyone recommend any other media players that do all formats including divx, xvid, mkv, wmv and flash.



PS going to investigate mPlayer, as its now made its way onto winmobile.

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Guest shootydogthing

I don't know of any, but I have a similar issue in that vTap now won't play videos....

anyone got an alternative to that?

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