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TouchFlo, HTCAlbum, and HTCAudioManager--general WM6 questions

Guest jbecker

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Guest jbecker

I've just got my ATT Tilt and I've had a lot of fun customizing my device, but I've run into some sorta superficial difficulties with a few programs.

I'm rather unclear on file paths. Where is the "storage card" when I have to type a path (to direct Photos properly)? Touchflo occassionally has errors opening programs like "The file 'AudioManager' cannot be opened. IEther it is not signed with a trusted certificate or one of its components canno tbe found. If the probelm persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file", yet I know the program works.

How do I tell HTCAlbum that my default location for photos is on the storage card (any path other than My Picture)?

I guess the structure in general would be a bit helpful to understand better...

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