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I swear to god I'm cursed.

Guest lozzd

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Guest Confucious

No probs :D

Just booted up my Athena -I've been using my StrTrk which updated. My Athena I haven't started since last week and it has no SIM in it - It hasn't updated the time!

Fired up my old C550 which has a flat backup battery - if I take the battery out it resets date and time - It has a Virgin PAYG SIM in it and still has the wrong date and time.

My STrTrk with a T-Mob SIM in it updated no probs and my g/fs C600 with a Virgin pay monthly SIM also updated properly.

Not sure what we can deduce from this!

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Guest adjonline

You may not be American, but try the MS updates. My time didn't update last Autumn, so I installed the patch and that fixed it. It worked as it should this time around.

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