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Worst reliability since I started having mobs

Guest vwt4

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Its a shame about this phone, as most people noted when it works its brilliant, but having to hardreset almost everytime after full charge is a misery. Hard resetting is a work of art, I need to press all the key combination until my fingers bleed..

Not used phone 4 weeks, had to revert to my M5000, bulky but very reliable.

All the phone I have had (hp700lx, spv100 200 mot200mpx m2000 m5000), this phone sucks.

I tried to love it but not useful if it continues to crash.

Is there a fix for this Crash Heeeeeelp before I jump into the sea..

I am with orange..SAd.........


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Hi Rick,

This phone just freezes. No key response. Even after soft reset.

Although I am still using my old sim-card, I dont think this is the issue. It works fine for max 2days in a week. I have uninstalled all SW, it still freezes.

Very disappointing! I would have to either get orange to change it or buy something similar sim-free.


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Guest lozzd

Yeah, hardware issue. Don't act like its normal, and blame a crappy phone.. it's clearly not designed to work like that. Get a replacement.

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I am new here and still learning all I can here my self. But one thing I know for sure, there has to be something causeing it to do that and so often, What have you installed on it, or Uninstalled on it? As in applications, software, graphics try and look to see if there are any error messages when it does act up, Did you do anything with the rom or CID? Also you said that your useing our old Sim card, Old as in NOT 3G, I don't know much about your phone or what issues you have been having with or even how long you had it, Im just trying to help out as best I can. Now if it is a Stock phone and no changes were done to it, Then I would bring it back to Orange and see what they will do, cause they may have given you a Defective product.


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