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wm6.1 rom flash and POP3 email sending failure

Guest Jamesie M

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Guest Jamesie M

Just upgraded my t-mobile vario3 to the wm6.1 rom and associated radio and everything is nice and clean. Just backed up my contacts and used sprite so all set for use and any futuer rom flashing.

One major problem is with my tiscali pop3 account over my t-mobile wnw. I can receive emails no problem but I just can't send any out. I've tried resetting the email details and re-entering the account but I can't get it to send.

Error message is something like ' messaging failed, check email account settings or you are connected to the internet'. I'm using smtp.tiscali.co.uk and it works on my outlook on my pc at home so there is no issue at that end.

Seems to be either the upgrade, the radio (although I can connect to the internet?) or some setting I'm making a balls of! Anyone got any ideas how I can sort this?

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