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what is the difinitive way to get streaming content working on my kaiser with T-Mobile?

Guest Monkeyturnip

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Guest Monkeyturnip

ive been searching for days now, downloading cabs left right and centre and just cant get it to work.

i have a Kaiser on T-Mobile with WnW Plus++++++ the most expensive tarrif they do 10gb limit and all that jazz

i can get treaming content from you-tube via Wifi on my Kaiser in the streaming program that was pre installed, but as i have read this is a common problem, i cant get you-tube streaming via HSDPA/3G etc, nor any other video content.

i have sucessfully got 1 radio station streaming via HSDPA/3G but it is a temporary radio station for an event, its the only thnig ive managed to get ot run correctly

ive real player will play some of the content, TCMTP will play some other, Beta player, flash player etc, but they all take up valuable space, and why do i need 30000000000+ programs when in theroy 1 should do it all, plus some of those has quality issues

is there a definitive answer to this, all i want ot do is tream BBC i player and that sort of thing in good quality so i can watch it where i do not have access to a Wifi hot spot

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Guest WearTheFoxHat

I agree with you ... one application should deal with them all.

Be interesting to see what everyone thinks.

I know Subliminal Aura has had some success with TCPMP and upnp streaming from a home media centre.

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Guest andrewkeith5

i am having the same problem

i'd quite like to be able to stream from youtube mobile which works fine over my home wifi connection but not over the HSDPA connection (i know i only have w'n'w standard, but i never use more than a quarter of my 1gig allowance, and they don't seem to have a problem with me streaming radio stations and tv live in media player)

its sort of annoying really

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