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T-Mobile Vario III/Kaiser call volume too loud!

Guest Starscreamer

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Guest Starscreamer

I think I posted this before but 1) I can't find the post and 2) It's quite possible it was another forum!


Ever since I got my T-Mobile Vario III in november the in call volume of the built in ear piece is far too loud.

It is too loud when I turn the volume down and to be honest the level of the in call volume setting doesn't seem to make much difference.

My girlfriend does talk rather loud but this is ear piercing. Only if I am talking to someone who whispers can I enjoy and call and not have to hold the phone away from my head.

Anyone experiencing this issue? My girlfriend has changed phones recently so it can't be her phone. Plus it does happen with other people too.

I notice it moreso at work as I work in a drawing office and it is quiet so when I take a call I have to hold the phone from my ear and everyone in the office knows about my business!

Obviously a solution to this would be great but if no one has one it would be nice to know if there are any Kaiser/Vario III owners that do not have this problem at all.

I think that the volume should go very very quiet when I put the level to 0. BUT IT DOESN'T!


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