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Gmail account on Kaiser

Guest Brounoh

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Guest Brounoh


I was wondering is someone of you have a solution to this problem

In my Kaiser I have set up 2 emails accounts, one is a gmail account.

When my Kaiser connects to gmail, it gets the emails and notices me of the new emails. Therefore I read it, everything is fine.

BUT, the next time the Kaiser connects to Gmail, it deletes the email previously downloaded.

I believe this comes from the fact that the Kaiser does not see anymore in Gmail the previously downloaded emails has “unread” so it does not keep them in the phone to stay synchronized with the unread gmail emails.

My problem is that I am therefore not able to keep any copy in my phone.

Does someone have a solution to this? A special setting I might have forgot? Maybe a software to apply?

Thanks for you help on this as it is really starting to annoy me.


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Guest hotphil

I'd log into Gmail on a PC internet browser and review the settings page. Does it all look correct for the way you want it? Especially the "When messages are read by POP....." option (if you are using POP to connect).

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Guest Nerve

Yep, first check the settings in Google, then an option which I and quite a few people use is to prefix your gmail username on your phone's e-mail account settings with 'recent:' i.e. 'recent:username'. This has the effect of re-downloading (or not deleting) messages already marked by Google as downloaded. It is very useful if you want to have copies of your e-mail stay on your phone when they've been downloaded and read in Outlook or webmail already.

From Gmail:

Gmail POP will only download once, but you can used the recent command to get the last 30 days emails. For all other POP clients, replace '[email protected]' in your POP client settings with 'recent:[email protected]'

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