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Help needed ----- RESOLVED

Guest jonlad

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Guest jonlad

Hi guys,

This is the third time this has happened to me so I'm after your bright ideas please.

Today AM texts received and replied to, e-mail over wi-fi received and responded to, all good.

A normal day of use, no new installs or unusual activity and then...

This afternoon pressing the envelope hardkey gives no response at all.

Selecting the envelope or text message icon on the HTC home screen highlights the icon but does nothing.

Selecting "Messages" from the start menu opens "e-mail setup" which changes the title bar to "new mail wizard" then after 20 sec reverts back to "messages" or "messaging" which when selected does nothing.

Soft reset changes nothing, everything except messaging works.

Hard reset, messaging works, perform sprite backup restore and messaging fails again. Even though the sprite backup was created at a time when messaging worked fine.

Anyone suggest anything before the tiresome hard reset and cab re-installing scenario appears on the horizon again ?



A corrupt directory on my storage card named INBOX.MST.64542318321.2165

I deleted the directory which showed as empty in properties and everything is now back as was.

result :D

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Guest jontelfer

I had this - I didn't format the card before starting to use it and I think there were some bad sectors on it out of the box. So I had corrupted inbox more than a few times. If I were you I'd make a copy of the storage card, format it and then copy everything back on.

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