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TYTN II wont boot up fully?

Guest Ollf

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I got my new TYTN II today, and I was very impressed. That was short lived as the phone seems to have had some sort of failure after one hour of being turned on.

I was in a menu deleting a contact and it reset, started to boot up and got to Orange welcome screen, it then resets again and seems to be stuck in that cycle. I soft reset it, hard reset it with no change. I took the battery out and left it for about an hour and tried again and it came back on, I then managed to get it sync'd with Outlook.

After which I removed the usb cable and replaced it with the charger and it immediately reset and is now stuck again. Any ideas? Have I done something I shouldn't have?

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Guest hotphil

That sounds knackered to me. I'd try two things before ringing OCS to get it swapped - first, try booting without any memory card in it (unlikely to be the problem, but worth a shot), if still no joy, then try a hard reset (which will be the next thing on the OCS script anyway so may aswell save yourself some time!).

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