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GPS and Time fault on MDA Compact III

Guest slippers

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Guest slippers

I have an MDA Compact III that is around 14 months old. Just recently it has started losing time by around 2 minutes a day. This becomes very noticeable after a week or 2 without syncing as it will be 15-30 minutes out. I have also noticed recently that the GPS appears to have packed up. It became intermittent then eventually hit the point that it will not pick up a signal at all. If I monitor the GPS signal within tomtom I can see it will pick up maybe one satellite for a second or so then lose it again. I have tried leaving it for 30 minutes with no change. I have also tried a full hard reset and reinstalled nothing but tomtom from the orginal disk but both errors continued to occur.

I suspect that either my battery is faulty or the unit has had it. Has anyone any other suggestions?



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