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2125 Battery Issues when using the internet (tmo)

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Guest Phoenix6

Hey guys, new here.

I just recently got a Cingular 2125 from a buddy, unlocked it and installed WM6.1

Also, I have set up my tmobile edge network on it and installed a cool program called vTap.

Well heres my issue. Whenever Im surfing the internet, if I try to download anything or if I surf too long, the phone either reboots or shuts off and when it comes back on, the battery life is reading low. If I take out the battery and put it back in, its around 50%.

When Im using vTap, it will start downloading the video I chose to watch and halfway through, it does the same thing.

If I have my phone plugged into the charger, it doesnt do this, it works fine (downloading videos is slow with Edge, wish I had 3g :D ) but does anyone else have any experience with this problem? Any help would greatyly be appreciated.


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