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iPAQ 614c no recipients auto complete?

Guest severinn

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I have my iPAQ 614c for some days now (so unfortunately I might not be of great help in this forum yet...).

All my Windows Mobile 6.0 devices before did a recipients auto complete, i.e. if you typed the first letters of a name in the to: field of a text message/e mail there would show up a list of your contacts starting with these letters.

I thought this was a Windows Mobile feature, but it does not work on my 614c.

Am I missing something?



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anyone can advice on this? my last windows mobile device uses WM2003 SE. And it has this feature of recipient's name autocomplete when sending text messages.

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hmm..I thought it's a feature in all windows mobile phone? I have that in my HP hw6515 (WM 2003 SE)

My friend's Dopod and Palm 750V have Word completion too. :D

Is it possible that I got my self a faulty unit?

Paul, do you have that in your HP ipaq 614c?

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I have the XT9 word prodiction..but I dont have the normal word completion function in my 612c.

Do you guys face this problem?

This is what I mean:


I'm only having something like this:


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You're getting the XT9 word prediction rather than the standard built in style?


Nope. What I mean is, I only have XT9 word prediction.

When I use block recognizer and on screen keyboard, I dont have word completion..do you have this in your ipaq?

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