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ROM update, backup software, moving programs

Guest greg84

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Guest greg84

Hello all

I've just got a Kaiser on O2 and it's great. I have a few questions that are burning and I can't seem to find definitive answers to them after trawling around forums here and there. I'll try to be as specific as I can, apologies in advance if the following questions are obvious or don't make sense.

1: Is there a way of backing up the contents of the phone to the storage card? I used to have a Toshiba pocket pc and it came with useful backup software that did this.

2: What is HardSPL and do I need it? Also, what's the difference between it and SoftSPL?

3: Is there a way to backup the current ROM so I can flash it back again if I don't like an updated one (like TLR's for example).

4: If I install another ROM and Radio ROM, is there something that will automatically set up the O2 settings for data, messaging etc. so my phone will actually work?

5: Why when I try to make a video call does it say "The 3G network is not available. Do you want to make a voice call instead?". Am I right in thinking that you have to be in a 3G area to make a video call?

6: I haven't purchased a storage card for it yet, and I'm under the impression that if the battery dies completely I lose all the data. Can I transfer programs onto the storage card from the device memory without reinstalling them?

7: How do you perform a "Hard reset" and what does it do?

8: My battery doesn't last very long - It was charging all last night, it's now 2pm and it's at 65% (obviously down from 100%). I stop all programs after closing them with "ok", I've tweaked the registry so my GPRS connection times out after 1 minute with Kaiser tweak (very good), and I don't have GPS, bluetooth or WiFi on. Is it normal for the battery to only last a day? So far today I've sent about 25 text messages, and made 3 calls, all of which were under 5 minutes long. Would I be better off buying a higher capacity battery?

9: Are there any official ROM updates for the Kaiser yet? Do I have to officially get the update from HTC directly or through O2 when/if they release one? Hopefully with Windows Mobile 6.1 on it :D

My sincere thanks for your time.


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Guest Confucious

1) There are backup programs available - one is free if you join Modaco Plus - but they won't restore to different ROMS

2) Not sure - best ask at xda-devs for ROM related questions

3) See 2)

4) Yes there is a cab - but see 2)

5) Yes Video calling uses 3G

6) No you will not lose anything WM5 introduced persistent storage which does not go when the battery dies (but most HTC devices had a backup battery before that anyway)

7) A Hard Reset restores the device to the default settings reloading the ROM that the phone is flashed with. Not surte how to perform it in the kaiser.

8) Not sure about the Kaiser but standard WM the x does not close the app - it just minimises it. If you want longer battery life a bigger battery would help.

9) You should get any official ROM from O2 not HTC - but xda-devs are far better.


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