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Hi everyone, I am a newbie here and after reading a lot of threads about pocket pcs', I realise now I am way behind everyone else in obtaining a new phone. However, the one I've got is fine at the mo' but I would like to upgrade to WM6.

I use a Vista desktop & have a TyTN phone. The WM6 just will not install on my TyTN. I have tried 160+ times and it still cuts off just as it begins to install. The error no is: 260 & from what I have read it means an "Open Port".

Can someone please, in plain English, explain to me what an "Open Port" actually is & how can I "Close" it in order to install WM6. (I'm not even thinking about WM6.1)

My phone tells me its: Herm IPL- 1.00 & SPL-2.03

I have read the threads on xda but they leave me more confused than ever & no-one is replying to my plain request for someone to explain to me.

As you can see I'm trying to learn, but need some help.

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