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Touch Dual Screen Problem

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Guest derky

In the past day or so, not sure exactly when, my Touch Dual has developed what looks like an oil slick on the screen. It's a perfect rectangle which doesn't quite fill the whole screen and is slightly offset from centre. It is only really visible if I look at it from a certain angle when the backlight is off and get the light to reflect off it a certain way, but it is also slightly detectable when using the device. The aftected area also has evenly spaced bumps (or dots) in it, which I guess is something to do with how the touch screen functions.

This has definitely not been there before. Anyone know what it is, what may have caused it, and how I can get rid of it, or am I stuck with it forever now?

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I had a similar issue to this and discovered it was a problem with the bonding between the layers of the touchscreen. I ordered a replacement and on getting to the last stop discovered that the replacement was the wrong part. Lesson for future check the part before dismantling phone. So I now have 30+ parts of a phone and no screen ;) hopefully the ebay dealer will come up with the correct part. Be warned if you buy from ebay that some of the parts are incorrect, you can see from the photos that the electrical contact runs in the wrong direction.

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